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Located in the center City Taizhou of Jiangsu Province (the advanced manufacturing base of China) , Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. Sits by the Changjiang River, adjacent to Shanghai to the east, Nanjing to the west, Changzhou and Wuxi to the south, 5 kilometers to the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 15 kilometers to Changjiang River.
Founded in 1985, the company has been a comprehensive productive enterprise capable of design, casting and machining. The foundry factory owns medium-frequency induction furnaces respectively at 3000 kg, 750 kg, 500 kg and 150 kg, able to make 2000 kg sand castings, 150 kg or below paraffin castings, 400 kg or below resin compound die precision castings and Φ650 mm or below centrifugal casting pipes in length of 5000 mm or below.
With CW61125A 6000mm lengthen lathe, C6163 6000 mm lengthen lathe, CK140 CNC lathe, MV7160 profile grinder, HW-300 dynamic balancer and 34 other kind of lathes, the machining workshop is capable of cutting work pieceΦ1600 mm or below, length 6000 mm or below and dynamic balance tests for pipe fittings.
The physicochemical room conduct tests for 24 elements such as C、S、P、Cr、Ni、Si、Mn、W、Mo、V、N, etc. as well as mechanical performance, physical properties, auxiliary machinery, boasting complete testing methods, quality assurance and standard system.
Main products
Heat resistant parts such as link, comb plate, chain wheel, spading plate, side plate and axis, etc. for sintering pellet production line:
Furnace entrances / deliver tables (cantilevered rolls) and parts, water beam cushion blocks, fire bridges, door frames, and furnace doors, etc. for stepping furnace in rolling mill; water beam sliders, combined sliders, etc. for removing black marks in pusher furnace ;
Hearth rolls, Radiant tubes, etc. for plate heat treatment furnace.
Bottom roller rings, W/U/I type Radiant tubes, etc. for silicon steel plate production line.
Cantilever rolls, Air cooling rolls, aligning rolls,  guided rolls, etc. for rod and wire rolling mill.
Sink rolls, stabilizing rolls, supporting rolls, supporting arms and Co base shaft arm sleeves, etc. for hot dip galvanizing production lines.
Hearth rolls, leveling rolls, size rolls, mandrels for two roller cold rolling die, Guide plate, piercer rolls, etc. for pipe production lines.
Glass rolls, pull rolls, turning rolls for float glass producing line, furnace bottom rolls, etc. for annealing furnace.
Materials plate, materials box, heat exchanger, muffle furnace, etc. for heat treatment furnace.
With the certification of  ISO9001:2000, our high-quality products implementing national standard and international standard strictly. Our company wins the glory of “Excellent Casting Plant”, “High Technology Enterprise” ,etc. from authority, accesses national patents, and registers the  huaxiang trademark.
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