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  • Guide plate
Guide plate

Guide plate

  • Product model: custom made
  • Brand:huaxiang
  • Manufacturer:Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Origin: Taizhou
  • Product description: Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. sprocket manufacturer specializing in sprockets, more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, sprocket can be customized according to
A new material for piercing guides. Cast iron alloys are used as seamless steel tube piercing guides. By increasing carbon content and adding a small amount of titanium, improve the structure and properties of the alloy; adopting casting casting in inclined guide, eliminate internal plate casting defects, improve the guide anti impact capability, thereby improving the service life of the guide. Because the alloy reduces the noble metal content, the cost of the Guide plate is lowered.
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