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  • Hearth rolls
Hearth rolls

Hearth rolls

  • Product model: custom made
  • Brand:huaxiang
  • Manufacturer:Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Origin: Taizhou
  • Product description: Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. sprocket manufacturer specializing in sprockets, more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, sprocket can be customized according to
Heat resistant alloy steel flat bottom roller:

Continuous heat treatment furnace with furnace heat and making small caliber 60mm Phi Phi 1600mm variety of national standard material of heat-resistant alloy steel hollow bottom roller. Furnace temperature ranging from 850 DEG -1200 DEG, the materials used are also different. For carbon pipe, oil pipe, stainless steel tube annealing. Especially continuous annealing production the production line requires higher reliability with large diameter bottom rollers.

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