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Bar and wire rad series

  • Cantilever rolls
Cantilever rolls

Cantilever rolls

  • Product model: custom made
  • Brand:huaxiang
  • Manufacturer:Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Origin: Taizhou
  • Product description: Taizhou Huaxiang Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. sprocket manufacturer specializing in sprockets, more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, sprocket can be customized according to
Discharge cantilever roll of steel rolling heating furnace. The utility model is composed of a blind plate, a roller sleeve, a supporting plate, a shaft and a water inlet pipe. The roll sleeve is a whole structure. The same end is welded with blind plates, supporting plates and shafts. The inlet pipe passes through the shaft and the central hole of the support plate into the roll sleeve. Because the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, low cost and long service life, the utility model is suitable for the use of steel rolling heating furnaces.
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