Academic/industry forum

Building bridges between the professions and academia

Day 2 (Friday 5 November) 10.30am - 12.30pm


SCL Dr Naseem Ameer Ali 300x300

Associate Professor Dr Naseem Ameer Ali (Massey University)

SCL Dr Matthew Bell 300x300

Dr Matthew Bell (Melbourne Law School)

This interactive session builds on academic forums held at previous SCL International Conferences (Melbourne 2012, São Paulo 2016). It presents an opportunity for the international construction law community to explore ways in which construction professions (including construction lawyers) and academic institutions can more effectively interact to share knowledge and perspectives.

The session is divided into three themes that overlap:

  • Establishing or enhancing construction law education within existing construction or law programmes or a separate specialised construction law programme
    - How might students undertaking construction or law programmes benefit from enhanced construction law education?
    - Who might benefit from specialised postgraduate programmes in construction law? Construction professionals, legal professionals or both?
    - What would they want from a specialised construction law programme?
    - Initiation of programmes: by the academy or the profession?
    - The programme’s home within the academy: built environment or law faculty? The role of research centres.
  • Challenges and opportunities for construction law teaching programmes in the post-COVID era
    - Fully online and hybrid models: is there still a role for face-to-face teaching?
    - Bridging the gap between academia and the professionals: Embracing the expertise of construction and legal professionals by bringing them as adjuncts into the academy, and academics’ involvement in industry through research or consultancy.
  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry
    Case studies:
    - Development of Masters programmes in construction law
    - Research report: Standard forms of contract in the Australian construction industry
    - Development of a New Zealand consultancy contract in modern plain English, a (mere) 23-page New Zealand construction delay protocol, and a plain language standard form of building contract

Whether you are involved in construction law as an academic or as a legal or industry professional, we welcome you to bridge the gap between academia and industry: industry professionals contributing to academia and academics contributing to industry through research.

Please provide any suggestions (including if you would be interested in a speaking slot) or queries to the forum’s convenors, Associate Professor Dr Naseem Ameer Ali (Massey University - and Dr Matthew Bell (Melbourne Law School – Please do also sign up to the LinkedIn Group ‘International Construction Law Academic Forum’ ( as we will use this Group to share ideas ahead of (and, after) the forum.

You can attend the forum as part of a full conference registration however if you would like to attend the Academic Forum only, you can do so for NZD $300.00. Please click the button below (note - this will only give you access to the one session and not the full conference).